Change the World in Your Sleep |Purpose Hotel|

It all started with an idea. For the last ten years celebrity photographer, Jeremy Cowart, {watch his story here} has traveled the world doing shoots for renowned celebrities; staying in a countless number of hotels along the way. Now, he wants to revolutionize the hospitality industry with a hotel that will change the world. It's called The Purpose Hotel. … Continue reading Change the World in Your Sleep |Purpose Hotel|

A Piece of Greece

Hello friends! I have an exciting post to share with you today! Earlier this summer a brand called Taaluma Totes contacted me with a special mission. A few years ago, 2 Virginia Tech engineers began a unique company, with the mission to connect travelers around the world. Alley & Jack were featured on the show … Continue reading A Piece of Greece

Equipped for the Nations |Packing Tips + Tricks|

Don't you hate that feeling that you're forgetting to pack something before a trip? Me too! There are a few things that may be rarely thought of, but are definitely necessities for a mission trip. Journal & Pen Taking in and remembering every special moment is harder than it seems. A picture simply can't encompass … Continue reading Equipped for the Nations |Packing Tips + Tricks|