here comes the sun

The other day my car thermometer read 113 degrees. 

Summer is HOT. Especially here in Texas.

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my thoughts | billie razors

Hey friends!

Warmer days are here! We all know what that means…it’s shorts season!

I don’t know about you, but I dread shaving. It is so time consuming and usually, I end up covered in annoying little nicks and cuts. Not to mention the fact that razors are EXPENSIVE and rarely live up to their claims.

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New ‘Do |Making the Cut|

For as long as I can remember choosing my hair style, I’ve thought of donating my hair. Today, I finally took the leap! Read More

God is in Everything |Even Makeup|

Happy Monday friends!

This may be somewhat of an unexpected comparison, but did you know that God can be seen in makeup? When we take time to look, He is in everything. Read More