free indeed

Happy Fourth friends!

On a day centered around freedom, I thought it’d be fitting to talk about exactly that.

What is freedom? Here is the dictionary definition:

freedom definitions

Liberation, independence, the ability to do as one pleases. All of those sound wonderful, but as Christians, freedom has a slightly different meaning.

Freedom has a name. His name is Jesus.

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At the beginning of time, humans walked in perfect harmony with their Creator. It was flawless for a while, until temptation and lies were chosen as a cheap imitation of goodness and pleasure. Ever since, mankind has been enslaved to sin, fear, unreachable expectations, and falsehood (among other things.)

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True freedom entered the world through the person of Jesus. In His coming, Jesus invited us into a life led by grace, love, peace, truth, and yes, freedom. His death on the cross for our sins liberated us from the bondage we chose for ourselves. When did we forget how to accept that invitation? When did we decide that Jesus isn’t enough?

“So listen, friends! Through this Jesus, the forgiveness of sins is offered to you. Everyone who believes in him is set free from sin and guilt—something the law of Moses had no power to do.

+ACTS 13:38-39+

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We choose lies over truth. Anxiety over peace. Guilt over grace. Selfishness over generosity. I am guilty on all accounts. I focus on myself, believe the worst about people, harbor grudges, doubt God’s faithfulness, and hold onto harmful lies. In maintaining my grip on these detrimental mindsets, I am willfully placing myself in chains I’ve already been released from.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore and DO NOT submit again to a yoke of slavery.


The Creator of the Universe came to earth to demolish our chains! He set us FULLY free, not partially, but completely, perfectly, wonderfully FREE. We are called to stubbornly resist the bonds of slavery. Fight back against the lies, the guilt, the anxiety! Jesus has set you free!

If you are in Christ, you truly are a new creation. One that can rejoice in freedom from sin and live the victorious life Christ calls us to. You are FREE INDEED!

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“I speak eternal truth,” Jesus said. “When you sin you are not free. You’ve become a slave in bondage to your sin. And slaves have no permanent standing in a family, like a son does, for a son is a part of the family forever. So if the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be unquestionably free!

+JOHN 8:34-36+

Happy Fourth friends! I hope this message rings loud in your heart- louder than the fireworks! I pray your day is filled with family, fun and FREEDOM!

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2 thoughts on “free indeed

  1. This is a great word indeed. Thanks for the reminder and yes, we have been delivered. We have been set free by what Jesus did on the cross. Happy fourth to you.



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