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Hey friends!

Warmer days are here! We all know what that means…it’s shorts season!

I don’t know about you, but I dread shaving. It is so time consuming and usually, I end up covered in annoying little nicks and cuts. Not to mention the fact that razors are EXPENSIVE and rarely live up to their claims.

I’ve discovered a brand that changed those facts. Meet Billie Razors.

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Billie is a fairly new razor company, created for women. They market themselves with beautiful branding and functional, high quality products. As someone with a tendency to be sucked in by cute packaging and cohesive aesthetics, Billie caught my attention. They have a trendy color scheme, fun graphics, and unique packaging. It feels very curated and individualized.

Prior to Billie, I was using the popular shaving subscription service Dollar Shave Club, which is mainly marketed towards men. I loved the price point and the ease that came with getting razors in the mail each month. Overall, my experience with them was great. I had wonderful customer service, and used their razors for about a year and a half. Unfortunately, my razors kept breaking, and I was blowing through the blade replacements. I knew I needed an alternative.

I saw an ad for Billie and decided to switch!

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I am so happy with these new razors! For mine, I chose the light pink option. They are sleek, simple and have aloe around them to make for a smooth, cut free shave. There is a button to remove the blade when it is time for a replacement. The razor also comes with a magnetic holder for your shower wall. It matches the razor and keeps it out of the way and dry when not in use!

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I use coconut oil as a shave gel, which normally keeps my legs hydrated and nick-free, but the addition of the aloe makes my skin so much softer. For added pampering, I’ll sometimes exfoliate my legs with a homemade natural sugar scrub.

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I highly recommend Billie’s razors. They are fun, useful, and beautiful! If you are interested in trying them out, click here!


Have a wonderful week!

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