A Piece of Greece

Hello friends!

I have an exciting post to share with you today! Earlier this summer a brand called Taaluma Totes contacted me with a special mission.

A few years ago, 2 Virginia Tech engineers began a unique company, with the mission to connect travelers around the world. Alley & Jack were featured on the show Shark Tank, where their exposure and audience grew tremendously. They seek out fabric from a wide array of far away nations and create one of a kind backpacks out of it. With the help of adventure seeking individuals, they acquire fabric from every corner of the earth.

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Each step of production blesses a different group of people. The fabric purchase blesses the small business owner, Taaluma Totes provides jobs to disabled individuals and a microloan goes back to the country the fabric was purchased from.

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I was so honored when they contacted  me about bringing fabric back from Greece. Because of the nature of our trip, I wasn’t counting on having a day off or time to look around Athens. It was such a blessing to learn that there would be a day to see the ancient sites and time to peruse the little fabric shops!

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I chose striped traditional Grecian fabric, typically used for school uniforms, tablecloths and even backpacks! It’s blue and white, which mimics the stunning scenery around Athens as well as the Greek flag.

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My backpack is now live on the Taaluma Totes website for purchase! It was a dream come true to work with such an amazing company. I hope y’all love the bag as much as I do!



They also posted a really funny (and punny) blog on their site! Head here to take a look!

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.



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