It’s All Greek To Me

Yassas! {That means hello in Greek} This week in Greece has been non-stop, in a good way. Here are some highlights!


Today was our first full day in Greece. Our base team led orientation; they cast vision, explained logistics, and covered safety and rules. Next, teams were split up and sent off on a city wide scavenger hunt! We raced to seek out gyros, orange trees, metro passes, Greek flags, cool graffiti (the city is COVERED in it unfortunately) and many other things unique to Greece. That was a lot of fun, we ended up walking about 7 miles, which prepared us for the several days of walking to come!


Ministry has begun! We spent the day helping at a refugee care center in the middle of the city. I spent my time helping in the kids room; playing, coloring, singing the alphabet and sharing about Jesus. That room was filled with kids who had been through the unimaginable, yet it’s walls were so filled with joy. I had the opportunity to hear a 15 year old girl’s story about her journey to Greece. She openly shared in Farsi, via Google translate, communicating that in the span of 24 hours she, her mom and sister had gone from perfectly normal lives to fleeing as refugees. I was able to share the hope of Jesus with her, which she openly recieved. She had to leave shortly afterwards, but I’m trusting that a seed of truth was planted in this young girl’s heart that will eventually flourish. We aren’t always the ones with the privilege of harvesting the proverbial fruit of those seeds, sometimes we’re the planting, sometimes we’re the ones watering, and occasionally we have the blessing of harvesting. Our job as disciples of Christ is to sow seeds of truth widely and be good little farmers for the Kingdom. On this night we served at the Port, which holds a tent camp. About half of the team served dinner, and the others played with kids to keep them occupied.


God clearly spoke to me on this day. What I heard from Him in the morning directly impacted my day.

“I am over all things, above all things and in all things. I loved you so deeply that I came to die for you. I want you to boldly share that. Do not let the fear of man stop you from sharing. Share BOLDLY! I am with you!”

I just wanted to share that because it encouraged me so much. He knows exactly what to speak and when to speak it. Our God doesn’t play favorites! He speaks to everyone, we just need to tune in and listen.
On this day we did something called tram ministry. It’s basically just riding in circles on a route of public transportation that is regularly filled with refugees heading to get visas or seek asylum. The goal is to strike up conversations and share the Gospel. It can be a little awkward, but my mindset was: “Jesus probably felt pretty awkward coming from Heaven to hang out with us sinners, so why not share? He did it all the time!” We’re not on this Earth to be normal, we’re called to be atmosphere shifters. Sharing Jesus on a Metro is far from “normal.” But when a refugee family walks off that train knowing that they will be covered in prayer, that is shifting the atmosphere and furthering God’s kingdom. No one was radically healed or saved, but I left knowing that we were there for a reason, to plant seeds.

Typically we have an afternoon and evening outreach. This evening we went to do an intentional dinner at a street cafe. After the sweet waitresses transformed an outdoor area with tables of 2 to a large table to seat 7, it started pouring AND hailing- completely abnormal for Greece. They moved us upstairs and crammed us with about 10 other people from our team! The waitresses spoke no English but we were able to minister to them with smiles, kindness and prayer. It was quite an adventure!

There have been many memorable moments on this trip. God divinely ordained this group and He’s been faithful to fulfill the promises He’s spoken. It’s so comforting to know that Heaven is cheering us on every day!!

How beautiful are the feet of those who carry good news! // ROMANS 12:15

Blessings friends!!

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8 thoughts on “It’s All Greek To Me

  1. Hi Kaytlyn,
    Thank you for your willingness to go, listen, love, and share.
    Love really does triumph fear.
    Blessings to your last day in Greece.
    We miss you and cannot wait to hear all about HIStory!
    Love, Mom(my)


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