Nether say Nether |Amsterdam|

Hi friends!

I made it to Europe! Currently, I’m on a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. Our team has spent the past couple days traveling to Europe, then training in the Netherlands.

While in Amsterdam I got a glimpse of the city through the windows of airplanes, metros, trains, buses, and taxis. It’s a beautiful place; there’s an interesting blend of classic European architecture and crisp modern buildings. The narrow streets are constantly bustling, mostly with bicyclists. You have to be very careful- they WILL run you over!

Our training was held in a beautiful old church. The building hasn’t been alive with the sound of people worshipping God in years, it’s exciting that this move of God across Europe is allowing its walls to be infiltrated with praise once more.

My team and I are here to bring God’s light to this continent that has drifted from Him. We will mainly be serving refugees, but we are here to be a part of the revival that is sweeping across Europe.

Refugees are flooding across borders, exhausted, heartbroken, and hopeless. They’ve left a hostile place of war and traded it for a lonely continent where no one seems to want them. They are people, just like you and me, who have experienced the unimaginable. Arriving with a hunger for something more, they seek visas, homes and safety to fill the longing they have for a new life. We are here to help meet immediate needs and introduce them to their faithful, loving Savior. Jesus is our refuge, our hope, our peace, our leader, our safety, our everything. We all so desperately need Him, especially in trying times.

The news portrays this historical event as a crisis. While it is heartbreaking what these people are going through, God doesn’t see it as a crisis. He has divinely ordained this exodus so that He can reach the hearts of His beloved children.
God is pursuing the Muslims, refugees and Europeans like never before. People are seeing “the man in white” (Jesus) in dreams and visions. Others are abandoning destructive lifestyles to radically follow Jesus. We are just here obeying God’s call to serve His children. It is my joy to be a part of such an incredible mission. The body of Christ is growing rapidly! I can’t imagine the party going on in Heaven right now!

Please be praying for divine encounters as we head to our base station. My team will be serving in Greece. Pray that we will be able to communicate the Gospel in a clear way, and not be hindered by language barriers, or theological differences. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will go with us wherever we go; anointing us with hands to heal and the right words to change lives. We need prayers for strength and energy. Jet lag is so real and currently we’re all running on about 3 hours of sleep.

Thank you for keeping up with my journey! Be blessed!

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4 thoughts on “Nether say Nether |Amsterdam|

  1. What an amazing adventure you’re on! I will be praying for you and your team and the work God will do through you!


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