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Is natural really better?

I used to be hesitant of the terms “green” (99% of things with this label aren’t even the color green anyway!!?) “eco-friendly” and “all-natural.” These products seemed expensive, and didn’t look like they would work as well. I quickly changed my mind when I discovered the exceptional quality of natural products; specifically in the realms of household and beauty goods. Not only are they beneficial to your health and home, but they’re also preventing abuse to the earth. Below are just a few of many reasons that prove why natural products are superior to their chemical filled counterparts.

  • No harmful ingredients
  • Better for the environment
  • Superior Performance
  • Multiple Benefits & Uses
  • Support Smaller Businesses

My family and I have slowly but surely been swapping out the chemical filled commodities for their untainted equivalents. In doing so, we have seen a sizable shift in the cleanliness of our home, the performance of products, and our health.

There is a common misconception that natural products are more expensive, but in reality, they perform better and therefore last longer because you’re using less. Often times there are items already in your pantry that you can use as a substitute! Talk about saving money! If there happens to be something that’s a little bit more expensive, remember that you aren’t spending more just to participate in the fad of going green, you’re investing in the health of yourself and your family.

Below, I’ve shared some companies and products that will transform you both inside and out.

Buy Locally

Many people sell natural products at farmer’s markets, craft shows, and on Etsy. Ingredients are clearly listed, so you aren’t left guessing if it’s truly what it claims to be.

I had the chance to try out some things from a small business based in my current home state! Amy, owner of From Scratch Farm, located in Boerne, TX, was sweet enough to send me some of her all-natural, homemade products to try out! She uses the highest quality ingredients, including: naturally derived moisturizing oils, high grade essential oils, and items straight from her kitchen. This will give you an idea of the heart behind her business…

We strive to provide products that care for you and your home, made with the most organic and simple ingredients we can find.

We hope these items change the way you look at beauty products, how your skin feels, and how healthy your home is.

-Amy at From Scratch Farm

DSC03463My favorite of the From Scratch Farm products were the homemade sugar scrubs! As soon as I received them I did a foot scrub and pedicure. Every single one of the scents smell divine. I can’t decide if Lemon drop or Lavender Vanilla is my favorite. I tested these scrubs on my feet, legs, lips, hands, and even my face. Everything she uses is all natural and gentle, so as long as you don’t scrub too vigorously, these are perfectly safe for your face.DSC03453

Another thing I received were her healing salves, which have an almost endless amount of uses! I used Rosemary & Tea Tree on my hands and even tried some on my chapped lips overnight. It is so healing and deeply moisturizing! Ever since I was little I slept with Vaseline on my dry hands with gloves on, but I will definitely be switching to this natural alternative.

DSC03456A perfect on-the-go item is her oil and beeswax based lip balm. It’s great for lightweight, daytime moisture and the peppermint scent is invigorating and refreshing!


I’d highly recommend checking out her online shop! If you ever find yourself in Boerne, stop by her retail location on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Also, Friends on Main {Cuero, TX} , Bleu {Yoakum, TX} and The Feathered Nest {Salado, TX} carry her products.

Thank you Amy for everything!

//represent your neck of the woods. shop local!//

Natural Beauty

If I’m completely honest, I have almost no idea what’s in the makeup I use. I can’t imagine that it’s good for me in any way. I don’t wear makeup too often, so I have made more swaps to healthier things in the areas of skincare and bath products. I have tried just a few things from some natural beauty brands. Below are some makeup brands that sell natural, high-quality items at pretty reasonable prices.

Check Your Pantry

Did you know that there could be health + beauty products on the shelves of your pantry? More and more people are turning toward simple items that can be picked up at the grocery store. Here’s just a few…

Baking Soda: Exfoliant, Teeth whitener, Dry Shampoo,

Coconut Oil: Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Shaving Gel, Oil Pulling

Apple Cider Vinegar: Face Toner, Detox Drink or Bath, Sunburn Soother

White Vinegar: Clarifying Hair Rinse, Itch Reliever, Natural Disinfectant

Lemon Juice: Skin Brightener, Natural Acidic Exfoliant, Nail Strengthener

Shop Clean

An innovative app called Think Dirty launched in 2013, with the goal of helping consumers choose the safest and healthiest products. You scan each product’s barcode and the app rates the item on a “Dirty Meter.” It gauges the chemicals in your products and not only alerts you of potentially dangerous chemicals, but also provides a natural solution!

{available in iTunes and soon Google Play}

8 – 10 Product’s ingredients have potential serious negative long term health effects
4 – 7 Product’s ingredients have potential moderate negative long term health effects
0 – 3 Product does not contain any ingredients which have a documented potential negative health impact

Lines-02For every chemically laden beauty product available to consumers there is a natural, healthy alternative. Familiarize yourself with the health benefits provided by all natural ingredients to find a product that perfectly suits your lifestyle and skin type.

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5 thoughts on “Au Naturel |Real Products + Better You|

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  2. That’s my GIRL! Great post- great info & beautiful photos! Amy seems like a cool chick & glad you found her too😃 We’ve used all these ingredients for our house the last 15 years and I’ll never go back to the bad choice. I actually added a new one to my repertoire today- dishwasher detergent cubes. They’re still drying but I’ll let you know how they work out. & if you want to save money on apple cider vinegar make your own- just takes apples, water & a little sugar and time- during apple season we make a big batch that lasts the year 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome!!! We’re loving all natural things! We started making dishwasher soap a couple months ago- the trial and error is mostly errors unfortunately! Working out the kinks in that one! I’d love to hear how yours turn out! I tried out that homemade ACV a few months ago! It didn’t work as well as I thought it would but I want to try it again!! 😊


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