Worship God. Change the World.

World Mandate is more than just a conference. It’s a declaration from this generation that we will GO.

I had the incredible opportunity to attend World Mandate in September of 2014. It changed my life in a variety of ways. Through this event, the Lord introduced me to part of His future path for me, planted seeds in my heart to share His good news with the world, and I was influenced to boldly respond to the Great Commission.

This year, I am beyond excited to get another dose of truth from people on fire for the work God is doing on Earth. This year, the speakers include best-selling author Francis Chan, Antioch Community Church’s pastor Jimmy Seibert, Bekele Shanko, an influential leader in the organization Campus Crusade for Christ, and Jim Yost, missionary to Indonesia.

The earth is shaking, but I hear God shouting and calling His people to rise up in this hour.



In light of the concerning current world events, it is vital that Christians actively seek God’s heart for the nations. Every human has been given spiritual gifts that in Jesus’ name, can change the world. Often, those gifts go unused due to fear, anxiety, worry, or simply, disobedience.  It’s easy and relatively rational to cower in alarm because of ISIS, domestic terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, however, that spirit of fear is not from God. The God who breathed the universe into existence is on our side, yet we are more influenced by the headlines or the weather man.

Paul speaking to the church of Philippi in Philippians 1:27-30…

Just be sure you live as God’s people in a way that honors the Good News of Christ. Then if I come and visit you or if I am away from you, I will hear good things about you. I will know that you stand together with the same purpose and that you work together like a team to help others believe the Good News. And you will not be afraid of those who are against you. All of this is proof from God that you are being saved and that your enemies will lose. God has blessed you in ways that serve Christ. He allowed you to believe in Christ. But that is not all. He has also given you the honor of suffering for Christ. Both of these bring glory to Christ. You saw the difficulties I had to face, and you hear that I am still having troubles. Now you must face them too.

World Mandate is an opportunity to allow your heart to be stirred for God’s work around the world. It’s a chance to lay yourself before Jesus, allowing Him to speak and impart His passion for people to know Him. World Mandate is not just for people who feel called to go to a foreign place, it’s for every believer to be given a greater passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled. We are coming together to make Jesus’ last command our first priority.

Waco, TX is hosting the live conference from January 22-23, but there are opportunities to attend across the US, even in the comfort of your own home. Satellite locations will be held in College Station, Baton Rouge, Boston and Houston. The opportunity for streaming is available to anyone, anywhere. I believe that you have access to the digital package for an entire year. This is a great chance if you already have plans this coming weekend! Learn more about how to be a part of this incredible conference here.

Whatever we do, we must NOT treat the Great Commision as the Great Suggestion.


I hope you will join me in the movement to WORSHIP GOD & CHANGE THE WORLD!

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5 thoughts on “Worship God. Change the World.

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  2. World Mandate! Life changing!
    Thank you for encouraging us to GO….even if it was just to Waco… I know this conference impacted our lives greatly! So excited for what God is doing!

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