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Inspirational, creative, Christian author, Jefferson Bethke released his long anticipated new book, “It’s Not What You Think {Why Christianity is about so much more than going to Heaven when you die.}” This was an incredibly written “Act 2” if you will to Jesus > Religion, his first book. Bethke approaches weighty theological concepts with innovative, easily digestible language that appeals to every reader’s level. Each chapter is filled with layer after layer of relatable stories, powerful questions, and Biblical truth. He combined all of these deep ideas in a refreshing manner. After reading it, I felt more equipped as a Christian and encouraged in my faith. This book truly will change lives!

He challenges the norms of modern Christianity with the actual message that Christ presented. He goes straight to the heart of Scripture and retells the Gospel where it all began- in Genesis 1. God created flawless human beings, designed to walk with Him. Starting from the moment the first sin in the garden occurred, a restoration process began. The author goes on to explain the revolutionary, and unfortunately abnormal view of the Gospel; gathering his facts straight from the Word of God.

One of my favorite parts, was a simple line in the chapter, “The Kingdom is Not Where You Think.”  It sates: “In {blank} as it is in Heaven.” Try replacing that blank with your city, workplace, school or home. Pray for God’s will to be done in specific areas of your life! Make sure that your heart is genuine when you ask for His will to be done, because it takes a willing, selfless heart to grant Him complete control. This is something that I have been asking God to help me with. I tend to pray for an outcome that I can see happening, (or that I want to happen) instead of simply handing it to God and letting Him work. His plan is ALWAYS better than our own.

In each of those “fill-in-the-blank” places, there are royal children of God. Whether it be the grumpy person at the grocery store, the lazy person at work or the angry person at school…they are all included  in the kingdom. People matter. And if we’re all honest, loving them is hard. Bethke addresses the need for intimacy with God and His people. He encourages his readers to love others so radically that they wonder why.

Love difficult people like you were made for the job.


Other heavy-hitting topics addressed within the pages of this eloquent  book include: the Sabbath, worship, brokenness, the table, and more!

Christian authors and tv stars have shared their thoughts and opinions on It’s Not What You Think. 

This book has pushed me to dig deeper than surface level. I have realized that you can’t just take bits and pieces of the Bible, but you have to take the whole thing in order to continue to grow.

//SADIE ROBERTSON// {Duck Dynasty star & author}

My generation knows the basics of Christianity, but Jefferson sheds new light on these important truths.

//CHIP GAINES// {HGTV “Fixer Upper” host}

Jeff has written another terrific book that rattled more of my assumptions about Jesus. This is a good book, by a trusted friend, about an awesome God who doesn’t play by the rules that we keep trying to give Him.

//BOB GOFF// {bestselling author of “Love Does” and founder of Restore International}

If you would like to strengthen your faith and gain a deeper understanding of Christianity, this book is for you! Jefferson Bethke proclaims this truth, “Christians have the greatest story ever told but we aren’t telling it.” I pray that this book and the stories inside it will give you the knowledge and boldness to fearlessly share HIS story!
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