Haiti Adventures


Like on any trip, time seems to fly by. The same is true for this trip! This week has held an abundance of lessons, joys, trials, and new experiences. I had the privilege of being able to witness and even participate in what God is doing in this country. Sometimes I wonder why God has blessed me so much and not someone here. I have been reminded through this trip that our God does not work like human hands. He is over everything and in everything. He has put every individual where they are for a unique purpose.

Yesterday, we served in “the village without a name.” {No one ever found out/could pronounce the name!} We expected about 200-300 people, but only about 175 showed up. Unfortunately, there were only a small handful of kids throughout the entire day; not enough to do children’s ministry. That was disappointing, but it did free me up to paint several ladies’ nails!

He is teaching me to stop for ONE. A changed life is worth it- even if only for one.
{Katie Davis}


Our last day of serving was a good one. It’s easy to forget that we can serve in similar ways without going on a mission trip. I’m praying that I will continue to look for ways to serve back home.

Until next time,
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2 thoughts on “Haiti Adventures

  1. Dear Kaytlyn,
    We are very excited to see you later today! Thank you for allowing us to visit Filigree Lane this week. Your updates encouraged us so much!
    It is hard for us to understand this world but nothing gets past God. He knows.
    Make the most of these few hours in Haiti. See you tonight.
    Much love!

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