Day in DonDon |Haiti day 6|

Yesterday we spent our day in the mountain village of DonDon. We set up in a dimly lit church filled with eager patients. Little girls in blue hair ribbons and energetic boys in little ties ran around joyfully.

Our nurses were able to see about 200 people yesterday. I had the privilege of just playing with the kids for most of the day! We did bubbles, played soccer, painted nails, sang songs, and painted faces. It was a smaller group of kids, so the children’s ministry aspect had a family-like feel.

As we rolled through town in our big truck, we got stuck in the bustle of the upcoming election day activity. The Haitian government is having an election on Sunday so the towns are plastered with campaign posters and busy in anticipation. Please be praying that God uses whoever is elected to better the country of Haiti.

Today we’re off to a village which no one can remember the name of. We’re expecting to see about 200-300 people. I’m praying that I can finish this week strong!!

Bon je beni ou! {God Bless You!}

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