Sweet Day of Sabbath |Haiti day 5|

Monday usually means the first day back to work, but this Monday meant a day off for us!

Haiti greeted us once again with a HOT morning sun- perfect for a beach day! We took another rumbly ride through the mountains to Comier La Plage beach. Tucked away behind a mountain was paradise. Tropical flowers, birds, and turtle ponds surrounded the pathways leading to the water. I had a blast looking for shells, and swimming in the crystal clear water.

Later, few of us decided to rent snorkeling gear for the day. This was my first time trying snorkeling and I LOVED it! We swam around a large coral reef, looking at fish and coral. We saw a ton of “Dory” fish & even some HUGE jellyfish. When we swam to the drop off all I could hear in my head was the line from Finding Nemo “The DROP OFF! Not the drop off!!” The two people I was with were brave enough to stay out that far, but I was definitely not! They saw a barracuda fish after I left! {No thanks!!}

An adventurous lunch awaited back at the shore. Apparently lobster here is about as common as spaghetti in America, so James encouraged those who had never tried lobster, to try it! I hadn’t had it before so I got a lobster, legs and all, for lunch! I liked it, but I didn’t like it nearly enough to try it again for $25 dollars in the US. It was messy and fun to eat!

When almost everyone was as red as the lobster we had for lunch, {I didn’t burn!!} we headed to the market to shop…oops “bless the vendor.” 🙂 I enjoyed looking around, but it was pretty overwhelming. Lots of vendors were packed into a small space, and they are all desperately vying for your business. I found some things that I’m excited about!

Tonight, we gathered for a devotional time and were able to discuss our take on the events of this weekend. I feel refreshed and ready for serving tomorrow!

Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Blessings from Haiti,

4 thoughts on “Sweet Day of Sabbath |Haiti day 5|

  1. May today be a fabulous finish to your time in Haiti. I know your team has blessed many! Your fingerprints (even fishy ones) will remain in Haiti forever!
    Much love, prayers, and hugs tomorrow!

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  2. Hi kaytlyn
    We are so proud of you and are glad you had a wonderful day today! We saw the clip of everyone singing to you. Loved it! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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