On the Porch in Benjamin |Haiti Days 2 + 3|

Hello from Haiti!

The past couple days have held many up’s & down’s, but God is good and He’s helping me through it! He is continuing to pour out His grace and reveal His presence.

On Saturday morning we made a 5 hour trek up to the rural mountain village of Benjamin. Those hours flew by fast thanks to the breathtaking scenery! We caravaned valleys, through villages and across a river. As we passed through villages we handed out candy & toys to the excited kiddos that lined the streets.
We were greeted by many smiles when we pulled through the cactus gates of Benjamin. We quickly unloaded our things and set up clinic. That day, I was in charge of intake. I asked people’s name, age, weighed them, and took their temperature. After about two hours of that, it was time for children’s ministry!

A group of kids had already been following me around, so finding a crowd wasn’t difficult. As we set-up, kiddos started coming out of nowhere! As we began, the kind translator introduced me to everyone and asked them to sing Happy Birthday to me! It was the most precious birthday gift ever!!

After the songs, story and craft, the team played soccer, blew bubbles, and had fun with the kiddos. Once the fun came to a close, we walked up to the missionary’s house in which we were staying. This family graciously sacrificed their home so that we could have a place to sleep that night. Duela, the mother and wife, cooked dinner for us and anyone who was hungry!

Several of us decided to go on an impromptu hike up the mountain behind their house. About ten kiddos from the village led us up the mountain. Most of them were barefoot, but still went way faster than us! It only took about 20 minutes to reach the top; we made it right before sunset! I had so much fun being with all of those children as the ran and played around us!

For the rest of the night a lot of us sat on the porch, talking and trying to look at the stars. It was pretty cloudy so we only saw a few little twinkles. At 9:30, the time I was born, they sang happy birthday to me again. πŸ™‚ It had been a long day for all of us, so it was bedtime. Later, a couple of us went outside to brush our teeth, and were met with a sky FULL of brilliant twinkling stars, shining uninterrupted by light pollution or clouds.

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, by His breath all of he stars came to be.
{Psalm 33 :6}

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much sleep happening for anybody. The house ran on solar energy, which means that they can keep the lights on as long as they want to without spending money…and they do. The fluorescent light shone over us as we tried to sleep. It didn’t work so well! Remember those spiders I talked about? I didn’t see a SINGLE one the entire time!!! In years past, there have been over FIFTY massive tarantulas in the small room we stayed in. Thank you Jesus!

Ugh. Today was hard. I woke up feeling like I got hit by a semi. My head was pounding, I felt super nauseous and I had a fever. I think it was from pure exhaustion. I tried to push through so I could go to church, but I just couldn’t. I am with a team of nurses so I was well taken care of. Everyone prayed over me and a sweet, sweet lady named Phyllis stayed back with me so I could lay down. Though my nap was interrupted by an array of noises and even a chicken on the bed (only in Haiti, right!!?) I felt a little better afterwards. Though I didn’t get to attend church, hearing the singing echoing off the mountains was really special.

All the nations you have made shall come and worship you O Lord, they will all glorify Your name.
{Psalm 86:9}

Our trip leader, Mr. James, let me ride in the air-conditioned truck on the ride home, though I insisted I was fine to ride in the bouncy, open one. I’m so thankful for that air conditioning! It had rained the day before in some of the places that we had to drive through, so getting back took a little bit longer, but we finally made it back to the hotel! I immediately took a shower and layed down. 3 1/2 hours later I woke up feeling a million times better! Sometimes sleep is just the right cure. πŸ™‚

Despite getting a little sick, I enjoyed the trip to Benjamin. It was incredibly eye-opening and reminded me again just how blessed I am. It also reiterated that God puts each of us where we are for a reason. He has a wonderful purpose for each and every one of His children!

Today is our day off! We’re heading to the beach and the market! We are all excited for a day to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “On the Porch in Benjamin |Haiti Days 2 + 3|

  1. Hi Kaytlyn,
    So sorry you were not feeling well. That is really hard. Glad you are better and have the day today to prepare for Tuesday and Wednesday. We are praying for you and your team. The highs and lows are normal. They help us see God work in different ways.
    Sounds like a great birthday! God is good!
    I love you!

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