Happy Birthday |Haiti Style|

The week’s not even half over yet but these few days have been GOLDEN! Last night my sweet team members threw me a surprise birthday dinner complete with fancy napkins and a cake! I’m missing spending my birthday with my family, but spending it with Jesus and brothers & sisters in Christ is the next best thing!!

I can’t believe that I’m 17. What!?!! I remember my 10th birthday like it was yesterday! I’m thrilled to see what God has in store for the rest of my life.

We are about to eat a quick breakfast and head up to Benjamin. I’m excited for this birthday adventure!!

To my family that’s headed to the Baylor Bears game, HAVE FUN! {Let’s hope we don’t encounter any bears on our trip through the mountains!!!}

Thank you to everyone who wrote me a note!! I loved them all!

Until next time,
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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday |Haiti Style|

  1. happy happy golden olden lil miss Kaytlyn!!! excited for you & your adventures thankyou for sharing & for being you- love you forever! auntie m & all her gangsters

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  2. Happy Birthday Kaytlyn! We were up early thinking we needed to get the cinnamon rolls in the oven. Breakfast in Haiti is better. So thrilled about your birthday party! So sweet and Golden! Like you!
    It is going to be a great day! Lots of love and prayers.

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