Jou De |Day 2|

Our first day knee-deep in Haitian culture was eye-opening, touching, and I have to admit, pretty darn dusty!

A couple things I learned from breakfast this morning….

1. Haiti wakes you up to a beautiful sunrise, but in mere minutes transforms into a blazing-hot sun.
2. Their peanut butter is SPICY.
3. Spaghetti is a breakfast staple here. No they did not lose their noodle- it’s their culture!!

{10 AM}
I spent my morning weighing babies and elderly people as well as being a “floater” for our pharmacy/clinic. I was delighted that I got to hold a few babies to give their tired mommies a break. The others on my team worked incredibly hard to meet every medical need they could. They cared for about 250 people and provided every persom with vital medication or multivitamins.

{12:30 PM}
In the early afternoon, I was able to present songs and a Bible story to approximately 400 kids! We had a huge amount of teamwork to pull it all together! With the help of our kind local missionary, I was able to get the story across to the kiddos’ eager little ears. As the kids left we gave each one a “Jesus fish” necklace, a coloring sheet, and crayons. We weren’t positive thay we had enough supplies for the day, but just as Jesus multiplied the fish & loaves, He made sure that we had an abundance of EVERYTHING!

{2 PM}
Back at the clinic, I enjoyed my afternoon of bubbles, hugs, high-fives & smiles. The sound of their laughter and watching them play is the purest form of joy I have ever witnessed.

I had a blast taking in everything from today. From the bounciest of truck rides to several rounds of “Jezi Reye!” each moment was a priceless gift. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day!!!

Tomorrow we’ll take a 5 hour trek up to a rural, mountain village. We will certainly need prayers of protection as we embark on that adventure!

Au Revoir! {that’s French/Creole for goodbye…and one of the very few phrases I know}

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2 thoughts on “Jou De |Day 2|

  1. Wow! What a great first day! I am so grateful that you are on this adventure in Haiti! So proud of you and your team. Way to go God! High fives to Him! Remember those who go up the mountain are very special because they do not let the mountains get in their way!
    Happy Birthday Eve! We love you!


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