We’re off!!

10.15.15 {6:15 AM}

Today is the day! My journey has begun! At 4 am this morning my team and I met up at the airport and proceeded to check our bags and head through security. Right now I am on a plane bound for Miami. Following our layover, we should arrive in Haiti around 2:30 pm.


>>Next stop: HAITI!>>

{2:30 PM}

We’re here!! After a loonnnggg wait at baggage claim we made our trek through the city up to our hotel. I was greeted with a warning about large spiders and snakes that may lurk in the jungle that lies beyond the door of my room. {AHH!} Oh well 🙂 I am grateful for the blessing of staying at such a beautiful place! To prepare for tomorrow, my team and I organized and prepared everything for ministry tomorrow! Please pray that we have enough ministry supplies to last throughout the week!

{8:15 PM}

I just finished a wonderful dinner with my team and some local missionaries. I enjoyed grilled chicken, mango salad, vegetable soup and plantain fries. It was a yummy ending to a long day!

It’s so surreal to me that this day has finally arrived. I committed to this trip at the beginning of this year, so it’s been a long period of anticipation. Thank you again for all of those who have supported and loved on me through all of it! I can feel your prayers and I would appreciate many more as I’m serving this week! God has given me such a wonderful team AND an amazing team of prayer warriors! What a blessing!

I’m going to hit the Hay{ti!} Goodnight!

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2 thoughts on “We’re off!!

  1. So thankful to hear from you! Praying for you all! Enjoy each moment tomorrow. Sorry about the spiders… too funny… not really!?
    Big hugs and sleep tight!
    I love you!

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