Equipped for the Nations |Packing Tips + Tricks|

Don’t you hate that feeling that you’re forgetting to pack something before a trip? Me too! There are a few things that may be rarely thought of, but are definitely necessities for a mission trip.

Journal & Pen Taking in and remembering every special moment is harder than it seems. A picture simply can’t encompass your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Spend a few quiet moments recording the details you want to remember. Those journal entries become a priceless souvenir.

Permethrin Prior to my family’s trip to Nicaragua, every piece of clothing was doused in this. As a result, no one got a single bug bite on the trip! Fortunately, it’s odorless, dries clear, and is completely safe. If the area you’re traveling to is at high-risk for malaria, DO NOT rely solely on this. Inquire with a healthcare professional to see what’s best to protect you during your travels.

Baby Wipes If you’re over the age of 2 you may not realize the importance of these. When sinks and showers are few and far between, these handy wipes are a perfect stand in for the amenities you may be used to.

Portable Fun Whether your trip is centered around kids, construction, evangelism or something else, a game or activity engages those of all ages. The smiles that come about from these are big enough to cross any language barrier.

  • Deflated Soccer ball & pump
  • Nail Polish
  • Large Jump Rope
  • Music

Mints or Gum  These can substitute if your tooth brush is unavailable (don’t cringe- you may thank me later!), subside carsickness on bumpy roads, and help alleviate ear pressure in airplanes.

Ear plugs or headphones In places where your sleeping environment will likely be very different than what you’re used to, blocking out the noise can ensure a good night’s sleep. You will want to be well rested to serve the Lord fully and enjoy every moment!

Crisp Money If you’re planning on shopping at a market or buying anything in another country, bring several crisp, clean, small bills. Many small business owners will not accept anything but, as foreigners often attempt to take advantage of them with counterfeit bills. Also remember that they will probably give you change in their local currency, so unless you want to return with 45 dollars in foreign money, bring small bills!

Sustaining Snacks Strange foods, long days, unexpected events and more can affect your usual eating habits while on a trip. Sometimes, God even switches our plans up. As a precautionary measure, stash some beef jerky, a few Clif bars, or another fulfilling snack in your backpack to tide over your grumbling belly.

Peppermint Essential Oil  Peppermint eases stomachaches, headaches, itchiness, nausea and more. I have never taken this on a trip myself, but now that I know the power of essential oils, I would highly recommend it!

Tissues This may be an item that’s already on your packing list, but I’d encourage you to bring more! You’d be surprised at their usefulness and how many you use throughout the duration of your trip.

Hopefully this list helped you fill your suitcase! What items would you recommend bringing on a mission trip? God bless you in your future travels!

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