fully dressed / reasons to smile

When is the last time you truly smiled? I'm not talking about one of those plastered grins that comes out with the camera. Nor am I referencing the half-smile you give when explaining how you are truly doing. I'm talking about those big, ear-to-ear grins, the ones that you feel from head to toe! We … Continue reading fully dressed / reasons to smile

starting well

These are the days where reflections are posted all over Instagram, dust is brushed off your sequined outfit + resolutions dauntingly hang in the back of your already full mind. After the toasts are cheers-ed + the ball has dropped, how can one begin a new year well? I am on a journey to learn … Continue reading starting well

free indeed

Happy Fourth friends! On a day centered around freedom, I thought it'd be fitting to talk about exactly that. What is freedom? Here is the dictionary definition: Liberation, independence, the ability to do as one pleases. All of those sound wonderful, but as Christians, freedom has a slightly different meaning. Freedom has a name. His … Continue reading free indeed

hello again!

Hey friends! Here I am again, after about a year of radio silence. Summer of '17 was packed with commitments and simultaneous intentions to post on this space. Days became weeks, weeks became months, still Filigree Lane remained quiet. My fall and winter looked different than I expected. At first this was disappointing, seemingly wasteful … Continue reading hello again!