ten things | may

Hello hello! Happy June!

Hopefully your summer is off to a great start! Today I am sharing a few of my staples for the month of May. I will most likely be using these all summer long!

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my thoughts | billie razors

Hey friends!

Warmer days are here! We all know what that means…it’s shorts season!

I don’t know about you, but I dread shaving. It is so time consuming and usually, I end up covered in annoying little nicks and cuts. Not to mention the fact that razors are EXPENSIVE and rarely live up to their claims.

I’ve discovered a brand that changed those facts. Meet Billie Razors.

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Billie is a fairly new razor company, created for women. They market themselves with beautiful branding and functional, high quality products. As someone with a tendency to be sucked in by cute packaging and cohesive aesthetics, Billie caught my attention. They have a trendy color scheme, fun graphics, and unique packaging. It feels very curated and individualized.

Prior to Billie, I was using the popular shaving subscription service Dollar Shave Club, which is mainly marketed towards men. I loved the price point and the ease that came with getting razors in the mail each month. Overall, my experience with them was great. I had wonderful customer service, and used their razors for about a year and a half. Unfortunately, my razors kept breaking, and I was blowing through the blade replacements. I knew I needed an alternative.

I saw an ad for Billie and decided to switch!

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I am so happy with these new razors! For mine, I chose the light pink option. They are sleek, simple and have aloe around them to make for a smooth, cut free shave. There is a button to remove the blade when it is time for a replacement. The razor also comes with a magnetic holder for your shower wall. It matches the razor and keeps it out of the way and dry when not in use!

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I use coconut oil as a shave gel, which normally keeps my legs hydrated and nick-free, but the addition of the aloe makes my skin so much softer. For added pampering, I’ll sometimes exfoliate my legs with a homemade natural sugar scrub.

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I highly recommend Billie’s razors. They are fun, useful, and beautiful! If you are interested in trying them out, click here!


Have a wonderful week!

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hello again!

Hey friends!

Here I am again, after about a year of radio silence. Summer of ’17 was packed with commitments and simultaneous intentions to post on this space. Days became weeks, weeks became months, still Filigree Lane remained quiet. My fall and winter looked different than I expected. At first this was disappointing, seemingly wasteful and hard, but it became purposeful and full of worth. Lots of life and learning has happened in this period of silence. Now, I am ready to write about the days ahead!

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Haiti | Reflections + Recollections

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it, Filigree Lane?

Lots of life has happened between my last post and today. I accepted a summer job that I’m absolutely thrilled about, {more on that later} my family is in the middle of moving to a different part of our city, and I took a second trip to a country near and dear to my heart…Haiti!

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January Favorites

Hello friends!

I hope the first month of 2017 has been full of joy and blessings for each one of you. Today I’m sharing some of the things I’ve been loving in January! Read More

Year in Review |2016|

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

2016 has been a year full of many challenges, but it has also been filled with many beautiful moments and memories. Today I’m reflecting on my year and sharing some of the highlights.

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